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Blast of the Past ...

 Wednesday, March 17, 1999


The Stockstill's: Megan, Ken ( left work in Indonesia, just for this tournament) holding Caitlyn. The name of their 26" Ciera Bayliner is "South Gulf Cove Yacht Club First Baby". no explanations needed here.

Saturday, the South Gulf Cove Yacht Club held their 2nd,. Annual Invitational "Goofy Golf" Tournament , at the Rosebud Circle Country Club. In 1988 a few South Gulf Cove home owners met and discussed forming a boating club. January 1990 their first officers (Bridge) were elected and the club was officially named South Gulf Cove Yacht Club. June 1998 they became a non-profit organization. Their aim is to educate their members about boating in a safe and sensible manner and to enjoy each others company. Members receive a monthly newsletter, "Fish Rapper", which details information on the locks, waterways, by law changes, schedule of activities and any items concerning boating and members. They meet the first Tuesday of every month at the Rotonda American Legion Post.


Jerry David, Carol Vanderploeg, John Bishop and Rich Vanderploeg.

Finale: "Surf City" WOW what a group of very imaginative people.


When the South Gulf Cove Yacht Club members decide to have their 2nd annual fun gala, they set the date for March 13th. They brain stormed on how to improve this years event, if that was possible because last years invitational was a real blast. The rules were very creative and the longest hole was 36 yards. Only one club, of choice, was used for the entire game. Par for the five hole Rosebud Circle Country Club course was 16. The pro that set the par for that course must have been a real winner. The score cards were ingeniously fashioned and had a professional look. Green fees were $1.00 per person, and good for all day. Tee off's started at 12:30 PM, making time for a play off, if



The tongue in cheek, "Professional advisement board, peanut gallery and all around hecklers" stationed behind the first tee. seated, Walt and Lynn Graham, Standing, Bob Lugari, Bill and Nan Campbell.

needed. Everyone brought a dish to pass, there were so many different and wonderful tasty assortments.

Entertainment arrived from Timbuktu and everyone had a "Blast Of The Past."

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Signing in at the "PRO SHOP" Alan Bull, Hal Lichty and Assistant, Justin Smith

Goofy Golf Course developers, Ken and Twig Nelson with "Ranger" Lance Crandell AKA BC.

Fay and Bill Kolodziejski.

Chipping on to the green, what green?, Gina and Ivan Brown, Dan and Carol Boaman.

The nineteenth Hole or was it the 6th hole?

Gil and Peggy Ulrich, Donna and Al Ord.

Cookie Smith, Dam David, John and Pearl Butzko and Debbie Jahn.

Women's 2nd place winner, Nan Campbell; High woman, Peggy Ulrich; Host and wonderful director, Twiggy Nelson; Low Man , Al Ord; High man, Ivan Brown; 2nd low man, Paul Giehl and the number one woman winner is: Lee Stutzman

"Chapel Of Love" by the, "Dixie Cups" Gloria Lee, Charlotte Vardy, Fay Kolodjieski, Jerry David, Marge Miller, Twig Nelson and Carol Vanderploeg.

Goofy Golfers, Commodore Jack Vardy, Director Charlotte Vardy, Rear Commodore Ray Warner. greens under repair?

Les Bills, Gary John, Nan and Bill Campbell.


Caught in the act, the neighborhood auto window peeper and streakier. All in fun, better know as Bill Kalodziejski.


The "Bridge" Treasurer, Carol Lugari; Secretary Carol Vanderploeg; Commodore, Jack Vardy; Vice Commodore, Ken Nelson; and Rear Commodore, Ray Warner.


I would know Cher and Sonny anywhere! AKA Ray and Dottie Warner.


Shangri-La's singing "Leader Of The Pack" with vroom, vroom, Glen Harman.


The wonderful "Duke Of Earl" with his Girl, Carol and Rich Vanderploeg.



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