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 Wednesday, December 2, 1998

Members of Diago Caravan No. 255, of the International Order of Alhambra, a non-profit fraternal organization whose mission is to assist mental retarded children and adults through scholarships, housing, transportation, field trips, bowling and fun, held a Loveland birthday party Sunday afternoon at St. Raphael Hall in Englewood. The Loveland Center in Venice

is home to 86 developmentally disable students ranging in age from 22 to 72, and is designed to provide job training and teach them how to live on their own. Sir Nobles and Sultanas and guest had as much fun as the students. Chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausage with the works, were provided and two birthday cakes were needed for this party.

The cake is almost as pretty as Eileen Hedinger and Lillian Corrado.

Anthony Corrado and lovely dancer Kathy Scruggs.

So happy to be a part of this: Jim Muhs, Carol Peschel and Frank Capasso.

Jimmy Jay provided music for everyone's enjoyment.

Dan Gullick with GIGGLES and April Terpstra.

Love the party and we want to do it again: Bob Miller and Bruce Wilson.

Jared Fisher accepting one of the presents from Rose Marie Wiegand.

Enjoying the birthday cake Bobby Tezber, Adam Laing and Scott Baker.

Sultanas: Angie Poslaiko; Irene Pelikan; Rose Marie Wiegand; Anne Bodnar and Grace Capasso, admiring gifts for the students.


Marvin Peschel; Loveland Center Training Manager Regina Schonfeld; and Ed Wiegand. This is just the beginning of funds for the Center.



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