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St. Raphael's Crystal Ball

 Wednesday, March 3, 1999






Bill and Angela West.

Rather dance than eat: Eleanor and Bill O'Shaughnessy.

A crystal ball is a glass globe used in crystal gazing. By slowly waving your hands over the top of the crystal ball, an image should appear. Do you think that was what happened in1990, when Father's Tom Walsh and Stan Kromer of St. Raphael's Church thought that it would be nice for the parish to get together, socially, to welcome new members and become acquainted?. A committee was appointed and everyone became involved and the annual dinner dance was born.

This years theme "Crystal Ball" was in recognition of the new millennium. If this years happening is an indication of what is to come socially, then future events will be successful. The Crystal Ball was

Sunday at Boca Royale Golf and Country Club, both dining rooms were needed as they had a

wonderful turnout. Menu choices were chicken or beef and for dessert, yummy cheesecake. Music was provided by Jimmy Jay's Trio, they are great entertainers and play the best dance music in town.

To make the ball a special one many committees were formed. The decoration committee consisted of Charlie and Carol Palmer and Dick and Betty Mayer. Committee chairpersons were Walter and Millie Ambrogi, Charlie and Carol Palmer. Sales


persons were Ralph and Sylvia Wiggins, Jim and Johanna Glaser, Maury and Irene Bolster, Floyd and Donna Stroegbeuer, Bob and Bernie Farrell, Marv and Carol Peschel, Barry and Millie Peterson, and Marge Sherman.

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Table assignment and welcome committee: Carol Palmer and event chairperson, Marge Sherman.

Bill and Lori Smith, Joe and Phyllis Croshier, Fred and Irene Rieger.

Grace and Fred Bobb, Birthday girl France and John Cerchez, standing is Olivette Cote, Rosemarie and Carl Hustins.

Martha Demetriou and Regina Schonfeld.

Treasure Schafer, Betty Phipps, Cecelia and Stewart Lindke.

Seated: Jean Casteel, John Schuldes, Standing: Bill and Mary Ann Woll, Jerry Godfrey, Rosemary Burns, Sandy and Al Schotanus.

Crystal Ball organizers: Father Stan Kromer, Floyd Stroegbeuer, Marge Sherman, Donna Stroegbeuer, Carol Palmer, Father Tom Walsh, Charlie Palmer, Betty Dick Mayer, Pick and Mary Jane Pickard.

Seated: Jean Casteel, John Schuldes, Standing: Bill and Mary Ann Woll, Jerry Godfrey, Rosemary Burns, Sandy and Al Schotanus.

Kathleen Sheehan, Terri McGrath, and Marylise King.

Dan, Mary, Dr. Thomas Meaney and standing is Father Stan Kromer.

Dene Heissenbuttel, Father Tom Walsh, Tim and Lois Horgan, and Bob Laidlaw.

Joyce Futterknecht, Ralph and Lee Harms, and Ralph Futterknecht.

Swinging Bonnie and Paul Wendler, Rosemary Burns, Jerry Godfrey, Al and Sandy Schotanus.

Tony and Lillian Carrodo, and Jean Drown.

Connie and John Cerullo.

Jean and Ed Kissel, Barbara and Dan Cockrell.

Walt and Millie Ambrogi, Lois and Don Dectenwald.

Donna Stoeggbauer, Ellen Nalepa, Molly Whitman and Delores Faist.

This is how you do the "Chicken Dance" Mary Lou and Al DeCollibus.

Ann and Jack Garrott.

Shelia and Irv Gray.

Ruby Isenhauer and Gene Heissenbuttel.


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