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'Tappercise for Hospice'

 Wednesday, February 24, 1999

A benefit show given by Sharon DeMarc, in honor of her mother Flory Meyrowitz, 1926-1998, Sharon's dance assistant and everyone's MOM  .


"Tappercise" beginning, intermediate dancers and a few pros.


Hospice is unique and its specific qualities do make a difference in people's lives. It is an agency that meets the total needs of patients and families dealing with a life limiting illness.

Home-based palliative care is the basic premise of the hospice program, involving the support of registered nurses, social service counselors, home health aides and volunteers, all following the interdisciplinary plan of care.

Special programs contribute to bereavement support, a residential support and a children's program. Rather than a place, Hospice is a philosophy-a program of care and support wherever patients need them. Hospice service extends to any location-a home, the hospital, an adult congregate living facility (ACLF) or nursing home. An alternative for patients is Hospice House, six bedroom homes in residential neighborhoods located in Venice, Bradenton and Sarasota.

Sharon DeMarc, daughter of Flory Meyrowitz, chose to do a benefit for

Hospice "Summer House", Venice.

Hospice because of the loving care her mother received from them. Sharon said "this benefit was actually her mother's idea before she passed away, and she wanted to thank hospice with more than words".

Sharon firmly believes that Mom will be back dancing in paradise. Hospice nurse Susan Kagan, who personally cared for Flory was in attendance to accept all the donations.

Sharon DeMarc is a dance instructor that teaches "Tappercise", a combination of tap dance, clogging and Irish step dance, she patiently breaks down every routine, without music and gradually increases the pace.


She encourages all of her students to modify and make the routines fit their level. Having fun and repetition is the key, even those who have never danced before can learn. All of Sharon's students participated in the benefit as well as other volunteers like "HAL'S" D.J. Service - 474-5724.

You will find Sharon DeMarc at the Joseph A. Tringali Community Center, Mondays noon to 1 p.m. for beginners who have no previous experience. (tap shoes are not required for beginners), and 1-2 p.m. for intermediate students.

Sharon is planning an early evening class for those that have to work during the day. For more information call 473-1018 or Sharon at 475-6222.

If you would like to get in touch with MaryJo contact her at the Englewood Sun Herald, 167 W. Dearborn St., Englewood, or call her at 474-5521 or 475-1079, or e-mail her through her web site at:

Early arrivals: L-R: John Rainney, Lelah and Wayne Hoover, Earle and Dot Richardson and Tom and Sandy McGrath.

Adriel DeMarc, Norma and Hal (D.J. Service) Hauschild. You will find them at El Jobean Community Center every Wednesday and the third Saturday of the month.


All the way from Ontario "just for the show" Proud Grandmother Rosemary Hollinger, Susan Hollinger, Sheli Battison, Pat Walker and Baby Stephanie.


Which one promised they were going to join "Tappercise" Frosty Eyre, John Duffy, Charlotte Ducey, Elsa Norberg, Millie or Dick Wischnowsky?


Matt and Mackenzie Hauschild are watching the dancers.

Susan Kagan, R.N., Hospice Case Manager for Flory Meyrowitz.

The Dyrhuizen's : Edna, holding Kira, Tom and George.

Clogging TEAM.

Opening Number: "Anchors Away" Beginning and Intermediate Tappercise Dancers.

Elsa Norberg, Millie and Dick Wischnowsky.

Enjoying the show. Roger and Linda Kondroski.

"Hot, Hot, Hot" Mary Lou Yarborough, Sharon DeMarc and Jean Leader.

A new "Tappercise" student DoDe with hubby Gene Johnston.

The benefit would never be complete without Joan Huelsbeck, Inge and Joe Tringali.

Guest Cloggers: Adriane York and Kristin Lloyd. Wow! They are good.

"Lord of the Dance"-with beginning and intermediate Iris step dancers.

Jenelle DeMarc, Tabby Gibbs, who will be wed in two weeks, Jennifer Bergman and Arielle DeMarc.

Sharon DeMarc's farther: Bernie Meyrowitz, Aunt Thelma Wengrofsky and brother Arnie Meyrowitz.


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