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 Wednesday, November 18, 1998

The Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center was the great attraction on Saturday November 7th. The Autumn Plant Sale Extravaganza was well attended by admirers and buyers. There were many varieties of plants, including palms, roses, orchids, grasses, vegetable, herbs and fruit trees . There was fertilizer and all types of supplies. Sarasota County Cooperative Extension's Master Gardener was on hand for gardening questions. If you need advice on any plant, the Master Gardener is available at the Helpmobile site at the Elsie Quirk Public Library,

100 W. Dearborn St., from 9:30 to 11:30 am, each Tuesday. The event was well represented by Members of the Englewood Men's Garden Club, Members of the Englewood Area Orchid Society, The Charlotte Harbor chapter of the Native Plant Society, The Lemon Bay Historical Society, Crowley's Tropical Trees, Viola Wildflowers, The Edmondson Company, Children's Haven and Florida Environmentals, Inc., and The Florida Native Plant, Inc. October 17, Laurel Schiller, wildlife biologist and co-owner of Florida Native Plant, Inc. participated in a seminar on

Lewis Culp, Doris Doerson, Dorothy Rich, Dorothy Morrison, Miles Gibson, Kathy Rader-Gibson, Dave Smith and Marley Watko. Psst: Miles plays a great guitar.

backyard habitat; "Gardening For Butterflies And Other Critters". November 7th was the ideal time to purchase those plants to attract butterflies.

Butterfly admirers: Dorothy Rich, Anne Luley and Dorothy Morrison.

Kathy and Charley Crowley. Very knowledgeable about subtropical and tropical landscaping. Visit their Nursery 16423 Jomar Road, Sarasota. 322-0315.

Wonderful day lily and rose gardens under the auspices of the Englewood Men's Garden club and Mr. Day Lily himself, Harris Olson.

Great smiles Bob Burtwell, Kathi Rader-Gibson and Laurel Schiller.

Maureen Murphy, Carol Barnett and day lily man Harris Olsen.


Sisters: Beverly and Jan Holland, holding a Verlene and a Rouge butterfly attraction plant.

Wonderful selection of native plants for Verma and Guy Rivers, Englewood yard.


Judy Walters from Venice admiring a fire spike plant.



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