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Duchess of York !

 Wednesday, Novemeber 18, 1998

The Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire in the U.S.A. was founded in1909 and became the National Society, Daughters of The British Empire (D.B.E) in 1920. The society has approximately 5,000 members in the Continental United States, Hawaii and Virgin Islands. The Honorary President is the wife of the British Ambassador to the United States. Membership is by invitation only, and is extended to women of British or Commenwealth birth or ancestry, and to women married to men of such birth or ancestry.

The D.E.B is a National charitable, nonprofit, non political, nonsectarian, voluntary American Society whose declared purpose is to support the retirement homes for men and women. They also, contribute to other local charities. The "Cause" as they are know, have fun in each others company, with a sense of continuity, fellowship and belonging.

Colleen Connelly owner of A’Tu Jewelry and Gift Outlet and the lovely DBE member, "model" Patricia Draper-Wood.


Florida State Society Daughters of the British Empire, Duchess of York Chapter DBE sponsored a fun-raiser at the Venice Yacht Club on Friday 13th. A’Tu Jewelry & Gift Outlet 3900 Clark Road, Sarasota, provided the lovely clothing, and costume jewelry.


I was the envy of all the ladies : My table companions: Sam Bonham, Jack Ogle, John Moody, Les Pickering and Mike Sudakoff.

Great job ladies. Marion Ogle, Christine Roberts, Betty Moody, Barbara Pick, Patricia Draper-Wood and Maisie Bertwhistle.

Member models: Anne Merritt, Christine Roberts, Evelyn Brooks, A’Tu Jewelry & gift Outlet’s Colleen Connelly, Barbara Pickering, Betty Moody and Patricia Draper-Wood. (you may want to skip this one. Most of them are in another photo)

Former State President: Barbara Pickering, Southern District organizer: Marion Coker, Chapter Historian: Evelyn Brooks and Duchess of York Chapter Regent Betty Moody.






MaryJoOn the go with MaryJo


'Lucky Friday the 13th Party'

 Wednesday, Novemeber 18, 1998

The "singles" of parishes: St. Francis of Assisi and St. Raphael’s, challenged the forces, Friday the 13th with a Lucky Friday party. The beer, wine, soda and finger food, was donated by the members of the singles group. Bunko was the game of choice. The party was a great success and everyone had fun. The singles group meet every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, usually alternating parishes. They are planning many exciting adventures. All mature singles, interested in social growth are invited to join, regardless of religious belief and affiliation. call Paul 475-4622 or Marylise 474-8527.

Bell ringer for Bunko is Flo Schimek.

Paul Vasil, Ken Dorn and Dean Anderson

Greeters: Dorothy Clark and Marylise King.

Most bunko’s winner (sitting) is Stretch Webber, on the right is Evie Stine and left is Paul Vasil.

High wins Evie Stine and high wins winner is: Alicja Benal.


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